New Facebook friend Request Jokes

Nov 19, 2012

Boy sends a friend request to a Girl
and Inboxes her: Hey wanna be
Girl : Do I Know you...??
Boy: (thinks: Abbey nahi jaanti tabhi
toh tujhe add kiya taki jaan le), But that's why wanted to
add u to get to know u.!!
Girl: Sorry But I don't add strangers!
Boy :-( again thinks: HAAN
kamini...JAISE teri friend list ke har
ek bande/bandi ka biodata tere paas
hai) Oh Not a Problem...btw where
are u from...??
Girl: I don't share Private
Boy: Badi aayi VIJAY MALLYAki
Beti...I sent a friend Request NOT A
Marriage Proposal :/
Girl : Arrey tum toh naraaz hi ho
gaye..Ruko Add karti hun .;):p =D

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